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  • portrait of young woman with migraine against white background
    Migraine Aura – The MTHFR Link

    Migraines, headaches’ angry cousin, cause severe discomfort for the sufferer. Besides the pain and discomfort felt in the head, other accompanying symptoms usually found are nausea, vomiting, as ...

  • what-is-histamine-intolerance-vertical-wm
    Histamine – It May Be Affecting You

    It seems ever increasing that I have patients coming into my office complaining of hive-like reactions after something they ate or drank or even severe mood changes? What is going on here? Possibly...

  • womens-fitness
    5 Helpful Tips For Improved Energy

    Who doesn’t want more energy? It’s like the elusive fountain of youth, for which a large number of people seek. While some enjoy stable energy throughout their entire day, it is quite common fo...

  • precision-nutrition-genetic-testing-4
    Nutrition and Genes

    As a nutritionist, I want people to eat the right food and feel well.  Nutritional health provides vitality – an abundance of energy, sharp brain focus, restful sleep, and good mood that all...

  • thumbnail_mthfr_gene
    Is There Hope for MTHFR Sufferers?

    These conditions are associated with MTHFR genetic mutation in research: Several can be considered a genetic disorder since treating the mutation will resolve the illness. There continues to be cor...

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