All ingredients are USDA Organically Certified. Plantsmust be grown under an organic system plan that covers factors such as croprotation, natural pest management, preserving soil health, minimizing soil erosionand protecting the water supply from contaminant to become certifiedingredients.
Our products are different from those of our competitors in four different ways. All of our ingredients are plant-based, sustainable and eco-friendly. We choose these effective plant ingredients used by women for centuries in natural beauty regimens long before artificial ingredients became common. Returning to natural roots ensures that our products are good to you and good for you.
Our products are cruelty-free and vegan. That means no ingredients are tested on animals. None of our ingredients come from animals or animal byproducts, so they are free of beeswax, collagen, honey, lanolin and keratin.
We only uses clean ingredients that are safer for your skin and your entire body. Our products do not contain any parabens, fragrance, chemical UV filters, Diethanolamine (DEA), polyethylene, formaldehyde,Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and other harmful chemicals.
We care about the health and well-being of animals in addition to yours. We never test any of our products on animals and we go beyond that by supporting the activities of PETA. We support animal rights oppose speciesism and the human supremacist worldview. When you buy our products, a portion of our sales goes to PETA and you supporting the public education of animal cruelty.

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