Facial toners are one of the most overlooked, yet one of the most necessary products for facial skin care. To a varying degree, most people experience clogged pores in one way or another, and the use of soothing, gentle toners helps to remove all traces of dirt and grime more effectively than many other products. Along with helping to shrink the pores after cleansing, toners also actively restore the skin’s natural PH balance. When this delicate balance is off, the skin either becomes too dry or too oily, causing blemishes and acne.

Toners also refresh and moisturize the skin, and can even occasionally be used in lieu of washing your skin with water. Most effective toners contain an assortment of natural herbs that offer a variety of healing properties, and have been used and tested for centuries. While you still need to apply moisturizers and sunscreen after toning your skin to hydrate and protect, incorporating an effective toner into your facial skin care routine could dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.

To answer this calling, WODA Skin Care has designed two fabulous, gentle toners ideal for all skin types. The Super Moist Marine Complex Toner is perfect for skin replenishment, containing ingredients like Vitamin A, B, and E for extra nutrient enrichment. To soothe and calm the skin after application, this solution also contains Organic Aloe Vera, and can be used to spritz the face periodically throughout the day to retain a fresh look.

WODA Skin Care also offers a toner ideal for troubled, blemish-prone skin, without the use of abrasive or harmful chemicals. The Clear Skin Toner contains specialty botanicals such as Clove, Juniper, and Lavender, carefully designed to provide your skin with gentle cleansing nourishment. This wonderful solution also offers Witch Hazel, a natural herb known for high levels of healing active ingredients that help to reduce inflammation, cellular damage, and swelling. This substance has been used for centuries to naturally heal and prevent ingrown hairs, cracked skin, sun damage, and acne, among many other amazing benefits.

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