We offer a rejuvenating line of facial serums designed with gentle, calming, and all-natural ingredients to help you look and feel your best. Like all WODA products, these specialty serums are developed using cruelty-free methods, with only the finest natural components. Products like WODA’s Radiant Brightening Serum will make the photodamage and skin aging a thing of the past, nourishing your face with all-natural substances such as organic ginseng and jojoba oil.

Did you know that a daily eye serum is an essential part of a regular facial skin care regimen? WODA offers Nourish Peptides Eye Crème to help protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Not only is this organic cream loaded with peptides and antioxidants, but it also contains vitamin C, organic aloe, and botanical hyaluronic acid.

When it comes to smoothing out fine facial lines, WODA’s Youth Elixir Peptides & Stem Cell Serum has it all. With age, the natural elasticity of our facial skin decreases, requiring regular care to prevent the development of wrinkles and lines. This Stem Cell Serum contains plant stem cells designed to restore this elasticity, with a gentle silk amino acid peptide complex component, making it a perfect answer for combination, dry, and mature skin alike. This serum is regarded by skin care professionals as one of the best anti-aging serums made from organic, all-natural ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin types. WODA also offers an Age Defy Vitamin C & Stem Cell Serum, perfect for combatting hyper-pigmentation that often occurs with aging skin.

WODA Skin Care wants to help you maintain blemish-free healthy looking skin. For sensitive, blemish-prone skin, WODA offers a Clear Skin Spot Treatment serum. This solution is complete with 2% salicylic acid that will not irritate or dry out your complexion like other spot products due to soothing essential elements such as aloe vera extract.

Hydration is the most essential step to facial skin care. To ensure you are armed with the best possible hydrating solution, WODA has developed a cutting edge Hydrate Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Approved for all skin types, this substance contains vitamin C, geranium essential oil, and organic aloe vera to leave your skin glowing, smooth, and revitalized.

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