Comprehensive MTHFR/Genetics Wellness Coaching (Via Zoom, By Phone or In Person)

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Schedule one Comprehensive MTHFR/Genetics Wellness Coaching session based on your unique genetic results via Zoom, by phone or in person.

You will have an opportunity to have your case reviewed and analyzed by our CEO, a methylation and MTHFR expert who developed a unique approach combining Functional Medicine, Genetics, Epigenetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine diagnostics. Our CEO has coached doctors from all over the country on how to treat MTHFR mutations and methylation issues, including mitochondrial dysfunction.

Methylation is a very complex subject. To fully understand the right steps to get your health on the right track, you need an expert to guide you. You need to know exactly: Where you are in the methylation cycle, which mutations you have, what each mutation mean, how much function loss your mutation is causing, are you under-methylating or over-methylating? Do you have any serious health issue such as cancer, etc. or you are having a major change in your body such as pregnancy? You might need to make an adjustment on the dosage of your supplements. What supplements you need to take or avoid. The correct dosage based on your genetic mutation and current health condition. Often patients take too many supplements and it is very easy to throw your body into over-methylation.  You may also easily overwhelm your gut or your liver by taking too many or the wrong supplements. 

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Comprehensive MTHFR/Genetics Wellness Coaching based on your genetic results – Via Zoom, by phone or in person.

When patients find out about their mutations, there are many information on the Internet that is not necessarily right for them. Our body has an amazing power to heal itself but may not tolerate mistakes well. By getting a MTHFR expert to analyze your mutations based on your unique situation, you will have the correct understanding, knowledge and power to put your body in the right track. One of the most common mistakes doctors make is to look at homocysteine in order to correct assess methylation. Although homocysteine is an important marker to look at, it is not the main element to assess methylation imbalance. You will learn how to assess your methylation based on your blood chemistry and how your unique genetics is affecting it. You will learn if your mutations are affecting your current health issue, and if so, how much of your problems are related to your mutations and how much are related to other imbalances.

Conditions and Symptoms linked to MTHFR mutation

A partial list of conditions, in alphabetical order, linked by research that are associated with MTHFR mutations include: ADHD, anemia, anxiety, asthma, Autism, blood clotscancer (various), cognitive developmental delaysdepression (Note: Folic acid is a direct contraindication for people that have MTHFR mutations and MTHFR patients should only take a methylated form of folate. Dosage should be calculated based on the individual mutation and blood marker assessment), diabetesDown syndrome, glaucomaheart attacks, infertility, microcephaly, migraines, miscarriages, mitochondrial dysfunctionMS (multiple sclerosis), NTD (Neural Tube Effects), peripheral neuropathy, schizophrenia, stroke,  etc.

The symptoms associated with these genetic conditions vary greatly depending on the individual and may affect virtually any organ of the body. The most common symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, infertility, gut issues, leaky gut, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional imbalances, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraines, blood clotting, developmental delays, seizures, microcephaly, poor coordination, numbness or tingling of hands and feet, and more…

Ricardo Miranda, L.Ac.

Ricardo Miranda is the CEO and MTHFR consultant for He is a leading clinician and one of the top educators in the field of MTHFR genetic mutation.  With 28 years of clinical experience, he is able to assess the direct link between his patient’s genetic mutations and their health issues. He developed a unique approach combining Functional Medicine, Genetics, Epigenetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine diagnostics. He has done extensive research in the MTHFR area and with the understanding of multiple disciplines has coached doctors from all over the country on how to treat patients with MTHFR mutations, methylation and mitochondrial issues. He believes that educating and empowering  people to take control of their own health is one of the most important gifts he can give to his patients. “The more knowledge people have the better are the decisions they make about their own health.” With a passion to help people reverse their long lasting chronic diseases, Ricardo founded  Today is one of the top leaders in the field of MTHFR with the biggest research database on MTHFR related studies available.


After you purchase your Comprehensive MTHFR Genetics Wellness Coaching session, your assigned patient coordinator from our medical office will contact you within 1-2 business days to arrange your session. You will have an option of a session via Zoom, by phone or in person. 

Regardless of what type of coaching session you choose, our patient coordinators will assist you throughout the entire process. They will answer your questions and help you to compile all the information related to your health issues such as your medical history, lab tests, blood work, supplements, medications, specific questions and concerns. 

Once the patient coordinator receives all related health information from you,  we will start working on the initial analysis of all your data. Our CEO will review all your genetic results, blood chemistry, supplements, medication, current health issues and medical history to compile a program designed to address your unique condition, genetic makeup, complaints and goals. He will make sure your plan is designed to support your methylation based on your unique genetics and current health condition. He will explain,  educate and empower you on how to handle your health based on your MTHFR/COMT mutations; How it’s affecting your body and contributing to your health;  How you can support your methylation. He will also answer all your specific questions and make recommendations for you. Our main objective is that at the end of your session you should know and understand your specific MTHFR mutations and how you can support your methylation. Your wellness coaching should give you the tools of understanding your complex genetic make up, supporting your methylation which may be directly affecting your current health situation. 

Suggested health information:

Please note that having only your MTHFR test results is enough for you to have the wellness coaching. However, in order for you to get the most out of your coaching session, we suggest our patients to email us the following information if any of them you may already have:

1.  Your MTHFR genetic test results or any other genetics tests you have ever done before. Please do NOT run any other genetic test before your session. First have your session with our CEO and after his evaluation, he will tell you (if needed) which additional ones you may need to get tested. Once you get your results, we will analyze and give the right coaching (this will be still part of your first initial wellness session).

2. Any blood work or test done within the past year, including the ones that your doctor said everything looked good. We still need to see them in order to see where those markers are with regards to the Functional ranges. Please do NOT do any new testing or any blood work prior to your session, wait for us to go through your case first. We may let you know which specific markers are needed so you don’t have to redo blood work. When you are sending your lab work, if you have any panels you run periodically, send only the latest lab results. For example if you have had 3 CBC panels within the last year, only send the latest CBC unless there is an unusual, large jump between the panels. 

3. If you are having a Zoom session (not in person) please take pictures of all your supplements/vitamins (with the ingredients portion, front and back). Please include the dosage (how much and how often) you are taking for each supplement. We want to make sure you are taking exactly what you need without any unwanted interaction. This information is important for us to analyze the possible side effects on your internal organs which is directly related to your emotions and the toxicity level. If you are using any medications you do not need to take any pictures. All we need are the names, dosage and how long you have been using each medication.

4. To make the best out of your Comprehensive MTHFR/Genetics Wellness Coaching session you may compile an email to put all your concerns and questions about your health, things that you want answered, and anything you think we should know about your medical history. This will give you a chance for you to organize all your thoughts so we make sure we will cover all of them. Tell us what you want to get out of your wellness coaching session.

Keep in mind that the majority of the time is spent before the actual session, where our CEO will study your case. Your session is the final step to give you all the answers of your questions and recommendations, along with guiding you in the next steps you need to take.


I have my MTHFR results, should I have more genetic tests and/or do more blood work before having the coaching session? or I don’t have any blood work, do I have to have a blood work to schedule a session?

No, the MTHFR results is enough to go ahead with the session. Even if you have scheduled a routine lab work, it is better to do it after your session as most of the time we will ask you to run specific markers and you may add them to your existing lab order. Sometimes patients want to do unnecessary genetic tests and during your session we will let you know what is really needed. During your session we will analyze your case and if needed we will recommend specific tests for you. We found out that this is the most cost effective and least time consuming way for our patients.

Once, I have my online session, do I have to keep having re-evaluations with you?

Your DNA will not change. In your first initial wellness coaching session, you will learn about your unique genetic make up and where you are in your methylation cycle. You will be given  the tools on how you could support your methylation. If you are in perfect health and have no health issues or concerns, your initial comprehensive MTHFR genetics wellness session is all you need. If you have any specific issue it will depend on the health issue, how long have you had it, what have you tried to remove it, how your body’s overall health is, etc. Every person has a unique situation and we must have an individualized approach. The more complex or the longest you have an issue the more likely you will need to have extended help and supervision through multiple sessions where we might look at how your blood markers are changing and how your symptoms are improving. Stresses of life including diet and lifestyle affect our body on a daily basis and needed to be addressed accordingly as well.

What do you do in the follow up sessions and how often do I need that?

To understand your mutation and support your methylation, one initial comprehensive MTHFR genetics wellness coaching is enough. Patients with more complex health problems may subsequent sessions. Often we will place you on an  individualized healing protocol. During the follow up sessions, depends on the health issues, we compare changes and improvements on the blood markers, symptoms and complaints and restructure the protocols based on the needs of the patient. Sometimes we may also need to make adjustments to continue your improvements and to address new stressors that might arise.

How long is the Wellness Couching?

We are very efficient with our protocols. Most of the work done such as analyzing your genetics test results, blood work, medications, supplements, medical history, complaints and goals, are done before your wellness session. When we meet with you in person or via Zoom, we will go through your genetic make up, your questions and concerns and coach you on how to take control of your methylation and answer all your questions. In general we can handle everything in 30 to 45 minutes but our sessions may last up to an hour, depending on our patient’s health issues and questions. We will take our time and make sure we cover all the areas you need help. We encourage you send as many questions as you like beforehand in order to optimize our time together and give you as much as possible during our meeting.

I have done 23andme, do I still have to do MTHFR or COMT test? 

No. All you need is to download your raw data and download the genetic report that is related to your condition. If you don’t know which genetic report you need we can help you select which ones are necessary for your situation. Below are links with instructions on how to download your data as well as the genetic reports available.                        

I found out I have the MTHFR mutation, isn’t that all I have to do is to take B12 and methylated folate? 

If you don’t have any health issues, all you need is to take the right amount of methylated folate based what mutation you have. If you have any health issue, chances are there are multiple factors involved in addition to the MTHFR mutations. You will likely need an individualized coaching based on your unique situation.

I am trying to get pregnant and I was told MTHFR may affect me getting pregnant, is that correct?

Yes. MTHFR have been linked to female infertility and male infertility. Depending on the mutation you have you will need a different amount of supplementation. It is important that you follow the right guidance and make sure your methylation is working as it’s optimal function. Your methylation should not undo or over.

I am pregnant and I found out I have MTHFR, does it affect my baby? 

Yes. The genetics of both parents will affect the baby. It is also recommended, whenever possible, that the father also gets tested for MTHFR mutations in order to better estimate the possibilities of MTHFR for the baby. It is crucial that you supplement with the right amount of methylated folate in order to optimize your methylation and to avoid under-methylation and over-methylation. Methylation directly affects the brain development of babies. Many health conditions such as NTD, Autism, Down syndrome, developmental delays and more, have ben associated with MTHFR mutations (see research links below). There is a proper way to measure and calculate the correct amount of methylated folate to take. The more individualized approach you follow, the better is for the baby.

I have hypothyroid. Is MTHFR or methylation related to thyroid?

Yes. MTHFR mutations and methylation are directly related to thyroid function. Even if your thyroid markers are within range, you may still have thyroid issues if your methylation is not working well. The first step is to get tested for MTHFR mutations. Once you have your MTHFR results we can analyze your case to tell you if and how much your methylation is affecting your thyroid hormones and guide you on how to correct the issue.

Can you help with ADHD and Hyperactivity in kids?

In most cases, yes. Every case is unique and we need to analyze each case in depth. Most of the time methylation is one of the factors involved, although almost always it is not the only factor. We should be able to, at the very least, handle the methylation issue and guide you on the right direction to work on the other issues.

Does speech delay on kids have anything to do with MTHFR?

In most cases yes. Just like other health issues, methylation is most likely one of the factors but not the only factor. We should be able to, at the very least, handle the methylation issue and guide you on the right direction to work on the other issues.

I was told I have Mitochondrial dysfunction, can you help?

Most likely yes. A Recent study in 2021 shows that methylation could be a contributing factor on mitochondria impairment.



ADHD –, Anemia –

Anxiety – , Asthma –

Autism – , Blood Clots –

Cancer –MTHFRdoctors research on cancer , Developmental Delays –

Depression – Note: Folic acid is a direct contraindication for people that have MTHFR mutations and MTHFR patients should only take a methylated form of folate. Dosage should be calculated based on the individual mutation and blood marker assessment.

Diabetes – , Down syndrome – 

Glaucoma – , Heart Attacks –

Infertility – ,

Microcephaly –

Migraines – , Miscarriages –

Mitochondrial Dysfunction –

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) –

NTD (Neural Tube Effects) –, ,, ,

Peripheral Neuropathy –

Schizophrenia – , Stroke –

10 reviews for Comprehensive MTHFR/Genetics Wellness Coaching (Via Zoom, By Phone or In Person)

  1. Hugo Alonzo (verified owner)

    Our son has ADHD and some developmental delays. We ordered the MTHFR test here at and confirmed he had mutations. We went through the coaching session, ordered the recommended supplements and started following the recommendations for supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.
    Within the first month we have already seen a marked improvement in his symptoms and his teachers have reported a significant improvement at school as well. We are extremely happy with the results.

  2. Eleonor (verified owner)

    I was suffering from digestive issues for years. I have done several cleanses, gut protocols, etc. Nothing has helped me.
    After my session I was a bit skeptical about the protocol recommended as I had done so many, but I am glad I followed through. Dr. Miranda explained to me that small differences in dosage and the way to administer the ingredients are keys to success in the treatment. Boy, he was right! I feel I have a brand-new gut. I have never felt so good.
    Thank you so very much!

  3. Carol J (verified owner)

    My son was a very healthy and active child until he hits puberty, became less active, chubby and dealt with severe depression. He was complaining of fatigue, joint pain, foggy brain, anxiety, and later became suicidal. None of the doctors figured out why, they diagnosed him bipolar. We tried different treatment facilities, sadly he has been given lots of different anxiety and psychotic medications to deal with his anger and rage. One of the families in that facility recommended the MTHFR testing and Dr. Miranda. He worked with our son along with the center’s psychologists. The test results showed he has both COMT and MTHFR mutations, which Miranda explained that they directly affect the severity of his mood. My son was prescribed special supplements and they are now winning him off from his meds at the facility. I can now have eye contact and communicate with my son after years. Now, I am grateful that my son finally will get back to his normal life. Thank you all.

  4. Theresa B. (verified owner)

    I have had gastric issues with inflammation for a few years now. In addition, I was experiencing issues with memory, brain fog, fatigue and muscle aches. My doctor didn’t have any answers for me and have disregarded the MTHFR mutations I have as a possible cause. I went through the wellness session and after only one month following Dr. Miranda’s recommendations my symptoms have gotten significantly better. Night and day.
    Thank you very much for your help!

  5. Anna (verified owner)

    I am so grateful that I found MTHFR docs and Dr. Miranda specifically. I struggled with rapid onset severe depression once I got pregnant and although previous practitioners had some knowledge about the gene mutation and it’s effects, Dr Miranda was able to get me off the supplements that were not helping and put me on track to proper methylation and I feel so much better now. My brain fog, depression, and fatigue are completely gone. I hope other women struggling with perinatal mood problems can also connect and find their answers here!

  6. Irene

    Almost all my life, I have suffered with severe depression and later I started suffering also from anxiety and panic attacks. I had no energy, I was anemic, had brain fog and shortness of breath. From my childhood, I had different therapies and each doctor tried different medications which gave me side effects and made me worse. I was given folic acid for high homocysteine level. Nobody checked my MTHFR back then. Folic acid made me extremely sick, agitated, made my sleep quality worse, affected my concentration but my doctor insisted on me continue using it. I realized I was going down and could no longer afford feeling and being sick all the time. I just had my wellness coaching here. The first thing they checked was my MTHFR and found out I have A double mutation on the MTHFR gene, and I was not supposed to take folic acid, instead I was supposed to take methylfolate which my previous doctor never told me. I ran all the blood work they asked me. After just a week following their recommendations and I am already a different person. The agitation, brain fog, depression, anxiety and shortness of breath are almost all gone. I do not understand how most doctors still do not look at MTHFR, and just push their meds as if we are their guinea pigs. I wish I had met with Dr. Miranda many years ago.

  7. G.S.

    I’ve lost 3 pregnancies. My gynecologist believed MTHFR had nothing to do with my losses although I was homozygous for the MTHFR gene. After two failed IVF cycles, I decided to try on my own. During my own research, I found MTHFR Doctors and purchased the wellness coaching session. During the consultation, all my questions were answered, everything made sense. They’ve explained in great detail my situation, went through all of my blood work, and prescribed the right supplements plus acupuncture. I followed his protocol every step. I am now in my 24th week, my miracle baby is in perfect health. I am so glad I met you guys. God bless you all.

  8. Caroline

    I am hypothyroid patient. My doctors had put me on Levothyroxine. Even though the medication helped my thyroid markers, my symptoms persisted and I continued to put on weight. I decided to take control of my life, I read a lot and even attended some classes, although that was very overwhelming to me as I have no medical background at all. I started to work with a Naturopath. She gave me lots of supplements, put me on a gluten free diet and changed my entire diet based on my food intolerance results. I even changed the water filtering system at home. Nothing much changed, except I was more miserable and depressed. This consultation changed everything, it was the most informative, educative and effective than any other thing I’ve ever tried these past 9 years. My thyroid symptoms are finally gone and I am losing weight without starving, have more energy and I am no longer depressed. He explained to me in great detail how MTHFR may affect the thyroid. Nobody has ever been able to explain it the way it was explained to me. My biggest suggestion to people with thyroid issues is to try to get an appointment with MTHFR Doctors and do it right from the beginning.

  9. Belinda

    My 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD three years ago. The medication from his psychiatrist didn’t work and made him worse. He was so slow during the day but had disturbed sleep during the night. I didn’t feel right about the medication. We decided to work with another psychiatrist who had a natural approach. She had my son tested for MTHFR and the results showed that he had mutations on MTHFR C677T and A1298C. We used the supplements she prescribed to us. My son got a little better than before but still he was not quite stable. We felt that the psychiatrist had limited knowledge about MTHFR. I found about this website searching on google. The Zoom session was mind blowing, Dr. Miranda was very thorough about MTHFR and explained to us in detail what happened to my son. It turned out that the supplement given by the psychiatrist was too much and placed our son in an over-methylation situation. Now my son’s methylation was finally supported at the right level. After 3 years of nightmare, finally my son is normal and does not need any medications. I am so thankful I found this place.

  10. Mike M.

    I was suffering from anxiety and didn’t want to use prescription drugs, so I purchased the coaching session. I was instructed to do the MTHFR+COMT tests. After receiving the results, we had our session. The doctor explained in detail the connections of my mutations and anxiety, and he placed me on some supplements and dosage according to my lab work. To my surprise, within 2 weeks my anxiety was gone, and I feel normal again. Amazing! Thanks a lot.

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