Nootropic Stacks

Nootropics are substances that give you brain power. They are called smart drugs because they can improve concentration, increase the brain’s functions, help people to have long-lasting memories, and benefits the cognitive functions overall. Read more about them in this link here.

But when nootropics are stacked with each other, the effect double or triple. The equation can result to 1 + 1 = 3. This is because these stacks, when combined, will improve mental processes better compared to when they are alone.

These smart drugs are not generally manufactured in laboratories. Many of them have existed for decades and they are used in Chinese medicine and ancient systems. The stacks may target specific deficiencies in the body such as lack of Vitamin B. They generally target the same biopathway especially when these stacks complement each other.

Stacks to Try

Caffeine and L-Theanine

This stack is considered as something that can make you concentrate more. When L-Theanine is used as noots alone, it is a very effective enhancement to someone’s cognitive abilities. This is the main ingredient that students and athletes look for when they also want to relax.

L-theanine alone promotes the brain’s alpha waves which stabilizes a clear mind. This will induce the brain to produce creative thoughts with enthusiasm and energy for a long time. The students can benefit from this when they are on lectures, studies, and exams.

The athletes can benefit from a clear head when they can focus on their activities on the gym. L-theanine helps the athletes to be in a relaxed state after working out. They will be able to rest well and their muscles can quickly recover afterward.

When you combine these with coffee, expect better cognition and concentration. You can also last longer whether you are studying or exercising in the gym. The recommended stacking is about 50mg caffeine and 100 mg L-theanine. This will improve performance and accuracy in activities when used well. You can know more about other effective products by reading reviews in sites such as

Bacopa Monnieri and Citicoline

Citicoline is one of the noots that are known as a memory booster. It consists of two compounds which are choline and cytidine. Choline is a kind of neurotransmitter that is deeply involved in memory, learning, and neuromuscular activation. The compound cytidine is a type involves neurogenesis and plasticity of the synapse.

Citicholine produces raw choline for the production of acetylcholine. The bacopa monnieri enhances the acetylcholine in the body which results in the breakdown of minerals easier. The combination enhances the memory and the capacity of learning. There are piracetam or racetams available in many drugstores that promote the cholinergic pathways.

B Vitamins and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

The motivation in the brain is dependent on the brain’s chemical called dopamine. When you solve a complicated problem, finish a hard project, or learn new information, dopamine will be produced and you will be rewarded with more motivation.

L-tyrosine is a great motivational fuel for those people who feel discouraged. Know more about this amino acid here: There are times when some individuals may experience a lot of stress and burn out. Burn out leads to lower levels of tyrosine. Supplementation of L-tyrosine will increase the levels of dopamine in the body. This will keep you going even if the going gets tough.

When the effects of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine get stacked with B vitamins, the conversion of the Nootropic l-tyrosine into dopamine will be faster. B Vitamins also decreases with age so it is important to supplement it in order to maintain great mood and perseverance.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can mix your own stack or you can take a prescription if you are still just exploring the world of noots. There are lots of online resources available which you can use as a guide in creating your own mix. Note that the stacks will depend on the person using them. The main goal of these brain enhancers is to target a specific outcome such as a person’s energy, attention, focus, memory, stress levels, and neuroprotection. What will benefit one user in a big way might not have the same degree compared to another user. So stack accordingly or take experts’ advice if you are new to Nootropics.

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