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Human beings are engaged in many activities during the day and night. Some indulge in more activities than others (or more strenuous/vigorous activities), making their bodies work harder, and increasing the chances of sustaining injuries or physical trauma. For example, you could be involved in a sporting activity regularly―which may get you injured at any time. The type of job you engage in can also make you prone to injury.

One may also face difficulty in performing daily tasks due to physical and mental limitations. Nevertheless, occupational therapy and kinesiology solutions are available for patients facing challenges related to what has been explained above.


There are a number of ways you can sustain physical trauma apart from participating in sporting activities or executing your job. They include exercising, road accidents, domestic accidents, playing, performing dare-devil stunts, physical attacks, use of weapons, and so on. Read more about that here.

When an injury is sustained, it can be a life-changing experience depending on the gravity of the damage caused. The situation could be life-threatening in such a way that it could lead to disastrous consequences if not properly managed. Mild injuries can get critical if not well-treated. This is why you need to be in the know about the injury rehabilitation solutions available out there.

In the case of life-threatening situations, a major trauma can make one disabled, or even lead to death. The impact could penetrate into the body, or just be on the surface level (blunt). This is why there is need to have an injury examined by a specialist so as to be sure that it is really nothing to worry about.

Major trauma requires emergency healthcare in order to prevent a worst-case scenario. Emergency medicine can help resuscitate and stabilize the patient. The importance cannot be overemphasized in the medical sphere, but the process of a patient’s recovery is also equally important.

Read more about that here: https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/explore-roles/doctors/roles-doctors/emergency-medicine

Weapons and road accidents are the main causes of major trauma. It can be so severe that it has to be treated as an emergency situation, where an ambulance will be called, the patient will be conveyed to the medical center as quickly as possible, and treatment will be started immediately so as to stabilize the patient’s condition.

During emergency situations, the severity of the trauma is ascertained. The patient’s body will be checked with the use of imaging devices in order to know the type of injury that was sustained, and arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Rehabilitation Solutions

In learning about injury rehab solutions, you need to know what occupational therapy and kinesiology entails. These two fields, which are related in the world of healthcare, use techniques that are totally different from each other.

Occupational therapy is abbreviated as OT. It is a field that is relevant to mental health patients, the disabled, the impaired, and others. Practitioners must be university graduates who must have acquired a license to practice the profession. They can partner with other professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, and so on.

People undergo occupational therapy for various reasons. For some, it is to make it easier for them to engage in some daily activities that require the use of their problematic muscles. These muscles are targeted by the professional in doing his/her job. When the target areas are worked efficiently, it is a matter of time before you will be able to move as normally as possible. The professional can also work with children.

Occupational therapy can aid medical practitioners in identifying pain points, restrictions to movement, and so on. The therapist can also aid you in developing skills for the performance of certain tasks. Some centers offer home services and can even travel long distances just to attend to their clients. Other places they can work at include your workplace, gyms, community centers, and so on.

In understanding how kinesiology is related to occupational therapy, there is need to have some knowledge about the field. It is also referred to as human kinetics (the study of the way our bodies move). It is applied alongside other forms of therapy in order to help various categories of patients. Generally, kinesiology can improve one’s health just like occupational therapy does, and it is a good approach to combine the two.

Kinesiologists can help you with the injury rehab process, and in achieving physical fitness. They can work with their clients in the gym in order to prevent injuries from being sustained. The experts use a variety of techniques for the identification of physical stress and signs of imbalance in the body.

Once the problematic areas are identified, remedies are provided. With a kinesiologist working with you, your full potential can be realized when engaging in your daily activities.

Now that the two terms have been discussed, we can look at how they can be applied together. Kinesiology is related to occupational therapy in the sense that the movement of the body is studied in order to perform tasks in the workplace effectively. The success of the latter is based on how well the former is done.

In the care of the right professionals, you can be sure to be on your way to full recovery. Those who handle these two jobs are known as occupational therapists and kinesiologists. There are therapy centers such as Symmetry Injury Rehabilitation which specialize in providing the two services and others related to them. The other services could include physiotherapy, rehabilitative assistance, athletic therapy, and so on.

Apart from the above, therapy centers offer services such as the following:

  • Consultations
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Home assessments, modifications, and safety
  • Planning and monitoring in the workplace
  • Wheelchair positioning and seating assessments

It is advisable to patronize a center that offers a range of integrated services for a better rehab experience. Experienced professionals should also be your best choice, so look out for the years the therapy center has been in operation. They should have a good reputation of efficiently improving the quality of their client’s lives.

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