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As a parent we know how tough it can be to go through the school years without at least some form of self-consciousness by our children, it may be due to their weight, the way they style their hair or even the shapes and size of their teeth. And being teased or picked on is certainly no way for a child to experience education, we can help them the best way we know-how.

Regularly visiting the dentist and taking care of dental hygiene is a practice we can instill in them from early on, and while we can hope and pray for a perfect set of pearly whites this is not always the case. If your child’s teeth or a few specific teeth are bothering them or causing pain then the next step is to visit the orthodontist.

This is a specialized dentist who helps correct and reposition teeth, the over or under bite of the jaw, and can assist with a straighter, more confident smile.

Dentist versus Orthodontist.

People tend to get these two confused, so let’s break it down into simple terms to help distinguish the difference.

A dentist checks and advices on the condition of the teeth, aiding in the nerves and roots of the tooth as well as the gum and surrounding areas. They also advise on oral hygiene practices and flossing to get into those hard-to reach-areas.

An orthodontist on the other hand while also keeping an eye on the cleanliness aspect of the overall mouth and teeth, they are more personalized to ensuring straighter teeth with correct jaw positioning for a comfortable bite while chewing.

See this link for a more detailed version of the processes and what service each provides. When caring for teeth you want the best for your kids and making sure you register at a dental or orthodontic clinic suited to your needs and that makes you and your family feel comfortable is key.

There are other factors to look at when deciding on a clinic, let’s look at the top 5 criteria patients and parents alike consider to be a priority.

  • Experience. This factor immediately puts people at ease knowing that their doctor has been in the industry for over a decade and has seen and dealt with hundreds of similar situations and offered the best solutions when moving forward.
  • Convenience. Opting for a clinic close to home or within the area is great, no hassling with the children to get them out of school to travel a long distance, but local businesses understand community needs and regularly prioritize time slots after school hours for children.
  • Professionalism. The overall appearance of the building and facility itself is a quick indicator of what is inside. Stepping in you want to see the cleanliness, hygienic practices, as well as appropriately dressed staff and technicians. Are the employees friendly, have an approachable demeanor about them, and are they courteous to your needs.
  • Services. Do they have a wide variety of treatments available that cater to the whole family? Are the orthodontists qualified, trained, and certified to perform the procedures, and do you see these qualifications and certifications displayed proudly? Ask if your physician does multiple treatments or will you be needing to switch between orthodontic specialists.
  • Reputation. Lastly, and one that speaks volumes for itself, do they have a status of reliability and quality. Have they come recommended from family or friends, are their customer comments and reviews positive, you ideally want a firm who essentially ‘needs no introduction.’

To get the ball rolling and to help you on your orthodontic adventure to a perfect smile, why not take a quick look at companies such as https://www.grinzortho.com for expert advice and guidance from industry professionals.

Children deserve to have the best quality of life possible, and if this is achieved with a great-looking smile, all the better.

The reason why.

The big question we always ask is why, what reasons make for someone to want to get braces or orthodontic treatment and you will be surprised to learn how long of a list there is.

Often adults have treatments done purely for cosmetic reasons, they want their teeth to be standing like soldiers in their mouth when they smile, and fair enough the choice is up to them. However, other more necessary needs can be fulfilled with a professional treatment service and one that can add value to the quality of life we live.

The last thing anyone wants is to have to chew a certain way because we have an incorrect bite, it may have been caused through an accident or injury, perhaps from birth, either way, there are advanced medical and technical procedures that can rectify this and get you back to eating normally and more comfortably.

Then there is the wonder of speech impediments being repaired, or altered for a better speech pronunciation and offering patients an improved quality of life.

Success stories pour in daily of children and adults alike who initially had difficulty saying specific words or who would grind teeth when attempting to say particular sounds, and after visiting the orthodontist for treatment could say them more clearly and without pain.

The talent and knowledge of orthodontists can change lives more than we may realize, and if you are struggling with self-confidence or don’t like your smile for whatever reason then let the industry experts help. We all deserve to walk around with a confident smile. Knowing when to make an appointment is up to you, but see here for great advice on when to visit the orthodontist and if it applies to your current situation.


The dental industry has advanced tremendously over the past few decades and we have the opportunities to make ourselves feel the best versions that we imagine, and if it means a few trips and treatments at the dental clinic, then what have we got to lose?

Get the smile you have always dreamed of, because life is too short to wait.

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