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Going to the dentist can be quite frightening for some people. Whether you are looking to fix a broken tooth or just your regular cleaning, you want to make sure you enjoy the best service, with the best staff possible.

A skilled dentist provides not only excellent service but a presence that puts you at ease and helps you remain calm during the whole process. That’s why we have a list of traits that makes a dentist a great dentist.

Excellent dentistry provides a wide variety of services

From preventative to restorative and cosmetic services, any exceptional dentistry is ready to implement many types of services. If you are in Greenbelt, the best Greenbelt dentistry you can find offer services including:

  • Gum disease treatment: if you suffer from gum disease, they count with a professional ready to help you with the problem. Just in case you didn’t know, gum disease is when the plaque forming in your teeth hardens and is really difficult to get rid of if not done by a professional.
  • Veneers: Used to rebuild cracked, chipped, or worn-down teeth.
  • Invisalign: For more comfortable braces, used to avoid harming your mouth and gums.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Dental fillings.
  • Emergency dentist.


They also count with a sedation service for those who get too anxious during an appointment.

Of course, there’s more to it than providing a wide variety of services. Exceptional dentistry makes sure you feel comfortable during your appointments and explains your situation with empathy, so you understand what you are going through, in case it is needed.

A Great Dentist is a Good Listener

A great dentist is one that wants to help its patients. He or she takes the time to listen to your concerns and try to approach the situation as kindly as possible. A great dentist won’t rush a treatment unless you feel comfortable with it and will provide as many choices as possible if they are doable in that specific case scenario.

A Good Dentist Educates

Patients usually don’t know what’s happening inside their mouths. They get to understand what they are going through because of internet searches, or sudden pain when they bite into something. A patient should be able to rely on their dentists to understand what’s happening with them, and to receive advice and tips on how to avoid certain situations and keep good dental health.

An excellent dentist would go out of his way to teach the reasons for why you should visit a dentist regularly, too. If you want to know more about this, you should check this site:

Also, there’s nothing as reassuring as having someone willing to talk to you and listen to your doubts as you speak with them. This makes visits to the dentist less daunting.

A Good Dentist Respects Their Clients

Time is important for everyone. Why do I mention this? Well, everyone has surely spent some time in a waiting room, at least once. This is usually due to poor administration. A great dentist makes sure to be in time for their appointments and tries not to waste their patient’s time.

A Professional Dentist Won’t Try To Upsell

If a professional dentist tries to sell you something that you don’t actually need, that’d definitely be a bummer. You want to make sure you are being advised to get what you need, that way you’ll be able to trust your dentist when they make new suggestions.

They Care About Long Term Relationships

An excellent dentist wants you as a long-term customer. When a dentist puts some effort to get to know you, they’ll be able to provide a better service, like suggesting solutions depending on your medical history, or how things have developed with previous treatments.

This also makes the patient more likely to visit the dentist when needed, and making appointments becomes way more comfortable. Also, follow-ups become more likely to happen if you have to visit your usual dentist, instead of someone you just met once. Follow-ups are necessary if you had a treatment done. To read more about it, visit this website.

Also, a long-term relationship makes the patient comfortable with their visits, since they’ve got to know them over several appointments and understand how capable they are as dentists.

All these practices put you first in their list, as a valuable customer, and a potential long-term acquaintance.

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