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Traveling with Diabetes: 7 Steps to Know Before Stepping Out from the house

Vacation season is already here and it’s time to plan a getaway with your friends and family. But before you step out, make sure to consider your diabetes. According to diabetes expert David Kerr, MD, FRCPE, nearly 10% of diabetic patients tend to experience problems while traveling. To help you control your diabetes on your journey, we have come up with a list of things. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, consider these to have a sound, healthy and hassle-free vacation:

  • Don’t walk Barefoot: About to hit a beach? Before you do that, make sure to wear the best walking shoes for diabetics. Walking barefoot or without proper footwear can cause skin cuts from the debris present on the beach. So, it is essential to wear your diabetes shoes before you decide to enjoy a beach walk or step on the bottom of an ocean or lake.
  • Plan Ahead for the Meals: Eating that unhealthy food on the airplane will only worsen your condition. So, before booking for a flight, check whether it gives you the option of carrying meals on the flight. If not, request a diabetic-friendly meal. You can pack healthy snacks like dried fruit, mixed seeds & nuts, whole grain crackers, popped popcorn, etc. If you have food allergies, carry along with you gluten-free staples like bread and biscuits.
  • Pack your diabetes essentials: Pack all your diabetes supplies in a bag that you can keep with you while traveling. Carry everything you need such as a blood glucose meter, insulin, syringes, glucose tablets, backup infusion sets and so on. If you are traveling by plane, make sure to put them in a small bag you can keep beside you. Also, carry the supplies in surplus if you going on a long vacation. Make sure to keep them cool during the whole journey.
  • Check Yourself Often: Vacation is all about engaging in physical activities like hiking, swimming and also eating the things you don’t eat normally at different times than you usually do. So, it is required to keep a check on your blood glucose levels. Ask your doctor or health practitioner to set your routine before you leave for your vacation.
  • Pack proper Clothes, Footwear, etc: If you are going to a hot place, take clothes that will cover and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Make sure to carry your diabetic shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and other essentials. If you are about to have a vacation in a cold country, pack your things accordingly.
  • Carry a doctor’s Letter: Before you step out from your home, ask your doctor to write a letter describing your condition and that you need to carry your diabetes essentials. Have a list of the medications he has prescribed in case you forget to bring some and have to buy from the country you are visiting.
  • Talk to Your Insurance Company: Call your insurance provider and ask what medical expenses they will pay for in case you fall sick on the vacation. It is also advisable to talk to the tourist office or high commission of the country you are traveling to so as to know how to get medical treatment there.

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