Why A Podiatrist Is Necessary For Podiatry Issues

Most people engage in some self-care to maintain overall wellness. Unfortunately, one area often overlooked is the feet. While this part of the anatomy has the least care, a foot can impact well-being significantly when a problem strikes. At that point, a podiatrist will step in.

A trusted podiatrist (like those you’ll find on this website) specializes not only in foot care but also in the health of lower limbs and ankles. The expert works to determine a diagnosis and treat the issue. When seen regularly, there's the potential to prevent serious problems.

That might be through the use of exercise regimens, inserts custom-fit for specific needs, or specific ointments or medications for skin disorders. Problems can arise from underlying medical issues like diabetes or arthritis. Day-to-day overuse or ill- fitting footwear can also be the cause for developing acute discomfort.

Why You Should See A Podiatrist

Developing foot pain can be the result of something as simple as wearing the wrong shoes. It could also be due to a more severe underlying condition like arthritis. You could go to a primary physician. Still, this doctor will likely send you to a specialist in foot care known as a podiatrist. These professionals can offer a faster diagnosis and suggestions for treating not only feet but legs and ankles. Treatments can be as simple as exercises to surgical solutions.

As is true with any medical provider, early intervention prevents further damage and the necessity for more intensive care. At the first sign that something doesn’t feel right, or you sense discomfort, it’s wise to call for a visit. You don’t have to wait until there’s a problem. There are other reasons to go ahead and go in for a consultation. Let’s check those out here.

Beginning A New Running Regimen

Running can play havoc with the lower extremities and the body as a whole. Not only can you develop aches and pains, but there’s the possibility for shin splints.

The specialist knows strategies to help prevent these types of problems and can monitor you for beginning issues.

It’s also the ideal place to go for recommendations on the proper shoes to wear when running and getting measured to ensure an accurate fit. Ill-fitting shoes are the culprit in many instances. Read for details on what a podiatrist is here. The clerk at the shoe store might not be an ideal resource for measuring or advising on sizing.

Joint Pain Is Developing In The Lower Extremities

Arthritis is among the top afflictions people suffer. The condition can result in red swollen, tender, or stiff appendages. Having arthritis can affect the way you walk, with the possibility of future disability.

A specialist can offer suggestions for treating the disorder with the hope of preserving the health of the joint and improving the quality of your life. Given care, increased mobility, and delaying disability could be a possibility.

Diabetes is another medical condition that creates foot issues, from dry patches to severe infection. With this disease, the recommendation is to see the doctor annually. The expert should be a staple as one of your health providers.

The suggestion is that keeping regular appointments with the professional can help prevent the possibility of amputations from the course of the disease by up to 50%.

Problem Nails

Nails growing into the skin ultimately result in an infection. These are ingrown toenails and usually happen with the big toe. If your toe is painful or inflamed and drains, it’s essential to go to the podiatry clinic.

The toe might lose part of the nail in some cases, depending on the severity of the issue. If there is an infection in the toe, there will likely be medication prescribed to treat it.

For nails that continuously go into the skin, podiatrists will often recommend surgery, but this is the last suggestion after all other options. Other reasons for surgical intervention include things like complicated breaks of bones and bunions.

Common Reasons For Visits

For stubborn corns or calluses, the doctor might use a surgical blade to diminish the size, but there is no pain since it’s dead skin. These are among the most common reasons for visits to these professionals.

The build-up of skin often becomes uncomfortable, particularly if the accumulation of skin grows too thick. Initial recommendations might include cortisone injections to help with the discomfort before using the blade.

Bunions are another common cause for patients to see the physician. These are bumps that develop below the big toe. It happens when the big toe pops out of place at the joint or bone and gets worse without treatment.

In severe cases, surgery is an option, but often treatment can include taping, padding, or medication.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Podiatrist

When choosing a podiatrist, it’s essential to get recommendations from those closest to you with experience seeing one of these experts. Learn the difference between a podiatry professional and a chiropodist by going to this article. Also, review testimonials, reviews, and ratings on the websites and social media pages.

There is typically no requirement to have a referral to see these professionals. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask your primary care for suggestions. A medical provider will have connections whom they respect.

Since you have trust in your regular doctor, you would likely find the physician’s recommendations to be that of quality.

Final Thought

Going to a podiatry clinic isn’t the first thought in anyone’s mind when it comes to self-care. Wellness for many people generally means eating right, exercise, seeing a primary physician at least once a year for a physical and maintaining oral health.

While a primary doctor has a significant capacity, a podiatrist specializes in treating feet and lower extremities, including the ankles. Treatment can be minor or include surgical intervention.

In most regions, a referral isn’t necessary. At the first sign of an issue, when enduring a medical condition like arthritis/diabetes, or if beginning a new exercise regimen like running, it’s essential to see the specialist.

These professionals can prevent further deterioration, monitor conditions, and potentially improve quality of life. If you engage in self-care, make sure to include those feet.

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  1. It is good to know that bunions are a common reason for people to visit a podiatrist. My sister-in-law thinks that she may have a bunion on her foot that is starting to bother her. I will suggest that she find a reliable podiatrist that she can visit to treat that issue.

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