If you are into sports, you have probably heard of the SARMs. Formally speaking, these are selective androgen receptor modulators. This name probably means nothing to the broader audience. Perhaps the clarification of how these substances work might ring your bells.

Androgens are substances of steroidal structure that bind to androgen receptors in your body. These receptors are everywhere – in muscle, bone, brain, fat, hair follicles, etc. But the term ‘selective’ means that it will only bind to specific tissues and affect their growth. In this case, it’s the muscles and bones.

SARMs like RAD 140 have anabolic effects on the muscles. It means that they tend to build and repair tissue. The result is like that of classic anabolic steroids, except for estrogen aromatization (turning testosterone into estrogen). Thus, the use of selective modulators does not cause side effects such as male breasts, overweight, prostate and libido issues, etc.

How Selective RAD 140 Is?

RAD 140 is not a classic steroid. Most athletes and bodybuilders prefer it, and there are good reasons for that. Testosterone from this substance selectively affects androgen receptors in the muscles and bones, thereby stimulating their anabolic growth.

Clinical studies show that RAD 140 has the ability also to speed up the fat loss process. It happens soon after you start taking this performance enhancer. Many users cite this as a great benefit of this substance. It can also increase your joint strength, stamina, and overall health.

RAD 140 carries the stimulation of muscle growth without compromising liver function. It also doesn’t affect the nervous and reproductive systems. It doesn’t harm your joints, tendons, ligaments, but support the regeneration of damaged tissues. This feature is crucial for athletes who are prone to injury as taking this SARM speeds up recovery.

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The beneficial effects of RAD 140 on metabolism are significant, too. It works by speeding up your basal metabolism (energy consumption for basic bodily functions). And fast metabolism means faster calorie consumption, i.e., the burning of excess fat. And as your body eliminates excess fatty deposits, it creates space for muscle growth and packing a healthy mass.

SARM Has Vast Potential as Pre-Workout Supplement

Most steroids work by raising testosterone levels in the body. While it is in the moderate range, your body feels positive effects. Yet, any exaggeration or disturbance of this hormone level can cause problems. To avoid this, you should strictly follow the instructions on the proper use of steroids.

RAD 14 has been characterized as one of the safest performance enhancers. It affects increasing testosterone levels, but only to the optimum amount. Then this hormone has a positive effect on you, and it’s noticeable.

After taking SARM, you’ll be in a better mood and have enhanced sexual desire. This is important to note as one of the advantages of RAD 140, as many steroids before had decreased libido as one of the main side effects. When it comes to physical performance, you’ll have more strength for intense training sessions.

Proper dosing of RAD 140 improves the vitality of the user. It’s normal to feel tired after a hard workout, but you don’t have to feel sluggish. A higher burst of energy will allow you to lift more weight, be more durable, but also be more focused while exercising. Many musclemen complain about a lack of focus during an intense workout. RAD 140 SARM helps you stay focused on what you do.

Achieve ‘Beast’ Look

Another thing that many athletes, especially bodybuilders, pay attention to is how their muscles look. Defined muscles with pronounced veins are what most musclemen want to achieve. These should show the results of strenuous training. In the language of gym fans, you should look like a beast.

This SARM improves blood flow in the veins. It means that they are ‘fuller’ and, thus, more apparent. At the same time, besides aesthetic improvement, the flow of oxygen and other nutrients through your body is boosted. That is how the muscles get the ‘food’ and the energy they need for growth and strength.

Adhere to Cycles

What makes RAD 140 particularly popular is its effectiveness when taking smaller doses. As with all steroids, it recommends taking it on cycles. For first-timers, this dose can be as little as 5mg a day, and for the next six weeks.

Keep track of your condition, and if you do not notice any side effects (there should be), start with a double dose of 10mg per day starting next week. Keep these doses for the next six weeks for one SARM cycle.

Seasoned gym fans and bodybuilders can go up to 20mg per day, during an eight-week cycle. If you have already taken RAD 140 before, and you know your possibilities, you can prolong the cycle to 10 weeks. Of course, you should also start with a lower dose of this SARM, so slowly increase it if their body tolerates it.

No matter how effective the steroids you are using, without proper nutrition and exercise, you will not achieve good results. The point is not just to get muscles and have them while taking these performance enhancers. You should maintain muscle mass and strength even after the steroid cycle has been completed.

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