Difference Medicine and Family Medicine MTHFR

What is the Difference between Internal Medicine and Family Medicine?

This is perhaps one of the most confusing questions for patients and aspiring medical school students. For those who want to join the medical career, you are most likely to find yourself choosing between these two categories. Whereas the two belong to the primary care division, there are fundamental differences in the area of focus and even how they are trained. For the internists, they practice general internal medicine and provide care to the adults.

A family practitioner combines the roles of a pediatrician and that of an internist. In other words, the family doctor is a medical specialty that is devoted to caring for people of all ages. To fully understand the difference between these two medical specialties, let us closely examine the role played by the two. With the deep knowledge about the two, you will know whether to see an internal medicine or family doctor.

MTHFRFitnessSelf Care

How to Balance Fitness With Self-Care

When it comes to exercise, it can be tempting to burn as many calories you can until you’re exhausted. However, this won’t help you reach your fitness goals. Being mindful about your fitness regimen, on the other hand, will help you feel good about your workouts and help you achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Here are some ways that you can balance your fitness routine with self-care.

MTHFR Macro and Micronutrients

What Are Macro And Micronutrients?

The definition of a nutrient is classified as something that provides the body of a living organism with fuel and energy. However, this broad description does not touch on the various categories of nutrients and the role they play in the body. With carbohydrates, proteins, lipids/fats, vitamins, minerals, and water all important for proper bodily function.

MTHFR Healthy Skin

Essential Vitamins and Nutrients for Healthy Skin

Beautiful, healthy skin begins with proper nutrition and a balanced diet. The most expensive skincare products in the world can only do so much to improve the quality of your skin if you aren’t watching your diet. That said, you should also be looking for essential vitamins and nutrients in the ingredients lists of your favorite skin care products. Here are some of the best vitamins and nutrients for healthy skin:

MTHFR Three Benefits of Growing Older

Three Benefits of Growing Older

With over 800 million people in the world over the age of 60, there have been many studies and articles about the social consequences of an aging population. They suggest that there will be overcrowding in nursing homes, economic pressures, and strains on social security. However, many of these studies fail to point out the positive elements of aging. As we grow older, we gain physical and mental benefits that should be celebrated all over the world.

Hobbies Can Boost Overall Health And Wellness

Your Favorite Hobbies Can Boost Overall Health And Wellness

A study in 2009 found that engaging different hobbies like reading, knitting, quilting, biking, or even playing video games could reduce the risk of developing memory loss by 40 percent. In fact, those who watch less than 7 hours of television per day were 50% less likely to develop memory problems than their counterparts. Taking up new hobbies can help boost your mental health and fight the risk of dementia.

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