Treatments For Iron-Deficient Anemia

Future Treatments For Iron-Deficient Anemia Could Employ Your Genetics

Largely an invisible illness, anemia is nevertheless associated with a wide range of negative health outcomes. Research has estimated that 5.6% of Americans are diagnosed with anemia, forming a cohort of over 18 million people. While there are many reasons for developing anemia, genetics plays a key role in its formation in many people.

MTHFR Healthy Skin

Essential Vitamins and Nutrients for Healthy Skin

Beautiful, healthy skin begins with proper nutrition and a balanced diet. The most expensive skincare products in the world can only do so much to improve the quality of your skin if you aren’t watching your diet. That said, you should also be looking for essential vitamins and nutrients in the ingredients lists of your favorite skin care products. Here are some of the best vitamins and nutrients for healthy skin:

MTHFR Three Benefits of Growing Older

Three Benefits of Growing Older

With over 800 million people in the world over the age of 60, there have been many studies and articles about the social consequences of an aging population. They suggest that there will be overcrowding in nursing homes, economic pressures, and strains on social security. However, many of these studies fail to point out the positive elements of aging. As we grow older, we gain physical and mental benefits that should be celebrated all over the world.

MTHFR Beer - Genetics and Addiction

Does Genetics Play a Role in Addiction?

Addiction is among society’s major problems. It can ruin a person’s life as well as the people around them. Many factors contribute to a person’s addiction, one of which relates to family history and genetics. All of us are genetically predisposed to addiction, more so if we tend to find pleasure in doing a certain thing over and over again. However, not all people suffer the same effects of addiction as others. For example, some may develop addiction immediately, while others don’t until much later in life.

Hobbies Can Boost Overall Health And Wellness

Your Favorite Hobbies Can Boost Overall Health And Wellness

A study in 2009 found that engaging different hobbies like reading, knitting, quilting, biking, or even playing video games could reduce the risk of developing memory loss by 40 percent. In fact, those who watch less than 7 hours of television per day were 50% less likely to develop memory problems than their counterparts. Taking up new hobbies can help boost your mental health and fight the risk of dementia.

Man with Children

Spirituality and Religion can Help Mothers and Fathers Cope with Grief

Less than one week ago, scientists at Yale University identified an actual ‘home’ for the spiritual experience. The sense of belonging to something larger than oneself is found at the parietal cortex, as indicated through fMRI scans. This groundbreaking study is just one of many carried out into spirituality, which has been found to help boost mental health. One area in which it holds great promise, lies in helping parents survive arguably the biggest loss of all: the death of a child and the sadness and anxiety it provokes.